Copyright MATTERS

Practical copyright advice and guidance for the digital age

Areas of Copyright Expertise

Copyright Clearance

I have almost 15 years experience in copyright clearance work. I can manage the whole experience for you to ensure that you produce legal, high-quality content.

Copyright Compliance

I can conduct a copyright audit, help draft an organisational copyright strategy, and draft copyright policies for your organisation.

Digital Publishing

Copyright compliance is an essential part of digital, or online, publishing. I can conduct a copyright audit of your content and VLE or CMS.

There is a lot of information, and misinformation, available about copyright.

Would you like to learn more about copyright for traditional and digital production for yourself or your organisation?

Do you need advice on referencing? Do you need your content proofread for grammatical, spelling and editorial corrections?

Would you benefit from bespoke face-to-face and/or digital training in copyright, to become more legally aware, and mitigate any potential risk?

I have worked closely with multi-skilled teams including HE academics, teachers, instructional designers, UX designers, librarians and general corporate project teams.

Copyright MATTERS

Copyright advice and guidance for all aspects of online publishing and distance learning.

Copyright Consultancy Copyright Matters Online Learning

Global Provision

Wherever your organisation is located, I can provide the professional copyright advice and guidance you need.

I am highly experienced in remote working and distance learning.

As responsible digital citizens it is our responsibility to equip ourselves with the skills to best support our online behaviour and help us to produce and use quality content.

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